Hello there!

I'm Jennifer, an abstract painter drawn to capture light and the ethereal nature of being in my paintings. Creating magical portals to dreams and soul spaces, my work invites connection and reflection, and I hope it sparks a conversation with the soul that resonates within you. It is my privilege and delight to manifest beauty, joy, peace, courage, the power of our dreams and the strength that resides within each of us in my art, and to share it with the world.

My work encourages us to listen to the quiet voice inside each of us that wants to lead us to our best lives, if we'll only choose to hear it. And it has the capacity to help us manifest our dreams, by being a powerful visual reminder to pursue those dreams no matter how wild or impossible they may seem. 

I hope that my paintings speak to you within your own life and help you to tell your stories - whether quietly within recesses of your own heart, or unapologetically out loud to the whole world - as creating them helps me to tell mine.



Commission a painting that reflects who you are, and the moments and dreams important to you - the perfect addition to your space and your life.



I love abstract art - textures, rich colors, depth. It's visual poetry, and its meaning changes with the eye of the beholder - what it evokes for me is likely wholly different than what it evokes for you, and that's magical.

Come into my studio and see where the magic happens. xo