Artist Statement

Abstract art is infinitely intuitive and inclusive - we experience it from within the confines of our own lives, and in doing so find our own unique and special meaning. My work speaks to the soul that resonates in all of us. It is a journey of authentically honoring my time here on earth and connecting with the elemental experience of being human. And it is my privilege and delight to manifest beauty, joy, peace, the strength of our spirits, and the power of our dreams within my paintings, and to share it with the world.

Rich paints and lush brushwork create visual poetry. Art is a fundamental connection and conversation between the artist and her materials, and others join the conversation through their experience with it. When I paint, I escape the confines of my mind and move into the deep and resonant space of soul, where we are all connected to each other, and to life. I am a conduit for the Universe, which flows through my fingers and onto the canvas.

I seek to connect with others in capturing light and the ethereal nature of being in my paintings. Creating magical portals to dreams and soul spaces, my work invites connection and reflection, and I hope it sparks a conversation with the soul that resonates within you. It is my privilege and delight to manifest beauty, joy, peace, courage, and the power of our dreams and the strength that resides within each of us in my art, and to share it with the world.

I love abstract art because it creates an opportunity for each person who experiences it to find their own the meaning, and to find resonance within their own lives and experiences. I always choose the titles of my paintings as quiet guides for others to see their own lives, experiences, or dreams within them.

As I continue on my journey as an artist, I'm seeing even more clearly how my thoughts and emotions merge on canvas - messages to myself when I step back and look with my soul as well as my eyes. Messages to you in your life, too. My hope has always been that my work will resonate with others, and I'm so grateful and blessed that it does. We are all living this human experience, and although we may feel alone sometimes in the emotions or the circumstances of our lives, we are never alone. So much of what we experience is the shared human condition of joy, love, loss, shame, growth, pain, happiness, connection, distance. The purpose of my art is to create connection, to bridge the distance between us, and to show that none of us are ever alone in what we experience on this human plane.

Art has the capacity to help us tell our stories. It encourages us to listen to the quiet voice inside each of us that wants to lead us to our best lives, if we'll only choose to hear it. And it has the power to help us manifest our dreams, as a visual reminder to pursue them no matter how wild or impossible they may seem. 

I hope that my paintings speak to you within your own life and help you to tell your stories - whether quietly within recesses of your own heart, or unapologetically out loud to the whole world - as creating them helps me to tell mine.

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Me with my darlings, City of Rocks, NM