Artist Statement

Abstract art is infinitely inclusive and intuitive -we all see it from within the confines of our own lives and experiences and therein find our own unique meaning. My work is a journey of authentically honoring my time here on earth and connecting with the elemental experience of being human. It is perfectly imperfect, as we all are. 

Rich paints and lush brushwork create visual poetry; art is a fundamental connection and conversation between the artist and her materials. When I paint, my goal is to get out of my head and into that deep and resonant space of soul, where we are all connected.

In all of my work, I strive to connect with other people, evoking a special time or place, dreams or memories, for them. I love abstract art for this reason - the meaning is in the eye of the beholder, and I love it when people connect their own lives and experiences to something in my work. I always choose the titles of my work as a sort of guide for others to connect with them, as representations of something meaningful in their own lives or dreams - to find their own meaning in my work; to connect in a way as unique as we each are.

Art has the capacity to help tell our stories; it represents our dreams; it connects us to each other and to the world. I hope that my work speaks to you within your own life and helps you to tell your story, as creating it helps me to tell mine.

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Me with my darlings, City of Rocks, NM