I'm so happy you've found my art (thank you)! You may have fallen in love with a specific piece and started visualizing it in your home or office, only to find that the original had already sold. Or, you may have seen a piece you liked, but it wasn't exactly right for you or the location you have in mind.

While I love creating work that comes directly from my own soul and imagination (and it thrills me when others fall in love with my originals and purchase them), I also love creating pieces for others. The process of creating an individual piece specifically for someone is a special joy, and an honor.


Commissions take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to complete. The time frame depends upon your vision, the size of work, and my existing schedule. All commissions start at $650.  I'll obtain preliminary information on your color preferences, and then proceed along a course of layouts, progress photos, and continuing communication.

A nonrefundable 50% deposit is required to begin, once we've worked through the preliminary information (color, preferred style, etc). The balance, with shipping, is due upon completion.

For more information or to start your own commission, please use the Contact Form. I look forward to the opportunity, and honor, to work with you on creating something wonderful for your space!

Please note that commissions are not reproductions of existing work; they may be similar if there is a certain painting you love, but they will never be exact. A piece of art may only be created once, after that it is reproduction. I am all about creating, not reproducing ;-).