The Other Side of Fear, 24x24


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Welcome to The Other Side of Fear — an original abstract painting that captures the courage it takes to break through fear and find everything that awaits you beyond this self-imposed boundary. When you break through the fear and anxiety to the other side it feels like moving from black-and-white to technicolor, from the dark night of the soul to brilliant and radiant light. Explore your inner courage with this abstract painting - richly textured and evocative, it invites you to journey through the portal of fear and find the strength and comfort of courage on the other side. What awaits you?

Painting is a dyptich - two separate 12” x 24” x 2” gallery-wrapped canvases. Painted on a gallery-wrapped canvas, with painted edges, so framing is not necessary and a personal preference.

They ship ready-to-hang on their frames. How close or far apart you hang them is entirely up to you. Some like to hang them very close together, others with several inches of space between.

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This painting won the following awards and appeared in the following exhibitions:

VIVID: A Juried National Exhibition of Vibrant, Bold, Loud, and Brilliant Artworks!  
d'Art Center, Norfolk, VA Feb-Mar, 2023

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