As Within, So Without, 20x20


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“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” 

The outside world really is a reflection of our inner world. What we feel and what we believe have a tendency to manifest in our lives. It's so important to raise our awareness of our inner vibrations - are we upbeat, positive, happy? Or sad, negative, fearful? 

When I was first divorced, I was drowning in fear and worry - what was my life going to be, would I be able to support myself, so many negative emotions. I struggled on just about every level, and my life reflected all that I was thinking and feeling. It took a long time, but I finally got angry enough at myself for being stuck in what felt like quicksand, that I snapped myself out of it, and as my thoughts became more positive - when I could see all the abundance I already had in my life and feel deeply grateful, and my emotions became more joyful then fearful - my life started changing for the better. Since I consciously changed my vibration from negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones, I have begun to attract the people, opportunities and outcomes that inspire me and give me the courage to pursue the life of my dreams.

This painting is a reminder to pay attention to thoughts and emotions, and to self talk - to love and accept ourselves just as we are, and to see the abundance in our lives and seek to stay in that higher vibration - amazing things start happening!

20" x 20" x 4" Mixed media abstract oil and acrylic, with gauze, textured mediums. Painted on gallery-wrapped canvas, with painted edges, so framing is not necessary and a personal preference.

This work is shipped ready-to-hang on its frame.

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